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The Oft Forgotten Fifth Wall

Ode To a Ceiling

Oh ceiling! How we gaze up at thee!
Upward. What wilt thou be,
…..Fair or lively, judge not by thy hue
Beloved whether white, yellow or blue.

It is true that we will often find ourselves gazing up at our ceilings without giving a second thought with regard to the color. It’s just a ceiling right, who cares? But this oft forgotten “fifth wall” can dramatically or subtly change a room with the merest hint or the boldest splash of color.

Bead board adds texture.

Many realtors believe neglecting to address the paint color of your ceilings is a big mistake when getting a home ready for sale. Not everyone is comfortable with bright ceiling colors, but white doesn’t have to be the color du jour.

If your home features architectural elements such as trey ceilings, domed ceilings, archways, decorative molding, floor to ceiling windows, etc., a painted ceiling can complete the rooms décor the way the perfect cuff links complete an Armani suit.

Even the simplest room may benefit from a ceiling in a shade beyond white. Most designers agree that rooms with ceilings below 9’ can handle a lighter shade of your wall color. However, on the opposite spectrum, it’s not unheard of to paint the ceiling of a smaller room the same color as the wall. Designers say by eliminating the contrast between ceiling and wall this will actually cause the room to appear more spacious.

Darker color than the walls is perfect for high ceilings.

Larger rooms provide more freedom for the creativity to flow. You can choose a ceiling color that complements your wall color, or if you want to create intimacy consider painting the ceiling a color darker than the walls. In rooms with high ceilings, create a cozy vibe with this clever decorating trick – bring the ceiling color down the walls about a foot; the effect is pure magic.

The art of whimsy is also alive and well and fully achievable on the ceiling, especially if you have the guts to go for it. Nurseries and kid’s bedrooms are the perfect canvas for your imagination to take flight. Cannon Painting has the artisans to make your flights of fancy come true.

Describe your vision for your room to the Cannon Painting design specialists. They can help you plan out the perfect finishing touches in your home.

The next time you think of your home as being made up of just four walls, remember to gaze upward. The oft forgotten fifth wall is just waiting for you to complete the picture. Your next interior painting project may have grown just a bit bigger but a whole lot more fun!

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