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Wow Your Neighbors With a Front Door That Sizzles!

“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.” ~Flora Whittemore

Flora “Gramma” Whittemore was celebrated as Caribou County’s oldest citizen before she died at age 102 in 1993. Caribou County is a pretty small spec of land in Idaho, but Flora’s words carry a lifetime of wisdom that we can translate to many aspects of our life. Why not plant them right at our very front door.

Your home’s front door is the gateway into your life. Set the tone of your home by creating a sizzling front door with a paint color to wow your guests and neighbors and send a message about just what kind of person dwells within.

In the art of feng shui the front door is so important it’s considered the “mouth of chi”, meaning it’s the entry point for the vital energy that enters and exits your home. Color and direction play an enormous part in balancing and nourishing this chi. While you can’t exactly change the direction of your front door, you can change the color.

In feng shui, a red front door promotes good chi.

Neutral siding is a great backdrop for this sky blue color.

To kick it up a notch you have to make a few decisions. Do you want the door to contrast with the existing color scheme, complement it, or accent it? Stand back from your house and take a good long look. Examine the roof, shutters, siding, and even the foliage. The style of your home may provide more color leeway than others. Victorian, Craftsman and bungalows can often handle brighter hues, while traditional styles may call for more formal colors. No matter what, let your personality shine through – you’re only talking about a pop of color. You can easily change it if you don’t like it.

To help make the final decision, here’s a trade secret from designers and painters. Take a photo of your house, make a print, and cut out the front door. Get some paint swatches you’re considering and put them in the spot where the door is. You can instantly see if the color works or not.

Not everyone can pull off this bright pop of pink!

Great use of classic black with a touch of bright yellow.

As with the spectacular interior color palettes for 2013, paint companies have lined up some hopping exterior color combos as well. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams websites are hotbeds for ideas. If you’re looking to paint the entire exterior and not just the front door, consult with your professional paint contractor for specific ideas that work for you and your home.


Paint color is not for everyone. Wood stain is an option and the palette is surprisingly wide ranging, so don’t shy away from making a change because you don’t want to paint.

Make your home exactly what you want it to be. A sizzling front door is whatever excites you day in and day out. You decide how you want to portray your home and the people who live inside it.

Gorgeous wood stain is the perfect choice for these awesome doors.


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