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Creative Uses For Leftover Paint | Cannon Painting

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Got Leftover Paint? Let Your Imagination Run Free!

Don’t Throw Away Good Paint — It’s Not Just for Walls Anymore!

How many times have you eyeballed that shelf of leftover paint cans in your garage or basement and muttered to yourself that you need to reclaim that space? Before you take the steps to properly dispose of your interior paint remnants, consider some fun uses for those yummy shades that may add a pop of color in surprising spots throughout your home.

We all have inherited an old dresser, side table or some other piece of furniture that’s functional but not necessarily eye catching. Here are some perfect examples of where a coat of paint can take a tired piece and make it modern and fun.

Paint a dresser base one color and the drawer fronts something different. Install new hardware and you have an entirely updated and unique piece with your personal touch. If you have several different paint colors at your disposal, a side table can become an art project for you and your kids.

Are you tired of your kitchen table and chairs but can’t afford to buy a new set? One solution is to paint the chairs to match the kitchen wall or even an adjoining room bringing unity throughout the space. Not sure you want that much color? Try painting all or just a few inches of the chair legs.

Older homes often come with outdated kitchen and/or bathroom cabinets. An inexpensive fix is to apply a couple of coats of paint, new hardware and fixtures and the facelift is complete.

An old floor is another opportunity for your creativity to shine. Can’t afford carpeting or hardwoods just now? Consider painting a checkerboard pattern, or depending on the room’s use, try your hand at a Jackson Pollack style floor and spatter paint away. The process is sure to result in many a fond memory and a great conversation piece when friends and family gather.

If the idea of painting the actual floor is a bit too permanent, do as our forefathers did and paint a floor cloth. You will need painter’s canvas, gesso or canvas primer, paint, urethane, and — voilà — you have a colorful yet practical floor covering that would make George and Betsy proud. A quick check of the Internet will turn up many how-to sites.

Spruce up a tired bookcase by painting the back panel. While mostly hidden by books, that peep of color will easily brighten any room. Change the baseboard color in any given room and enjoy the simple transformation. Or select a specific wall and apply a different color to provide a focal point for the room.

The ideas are as endless as your imagination. Paint colors don’t have to appear in large masses — sometimes just a pop of color in an unexpected place will make you smile every time it catches you off guard.


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