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Luxury Color Trends For 2013 | Cannon Painting

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Interior Paint Color Palettes for 2013

Interior Paint Colors That Awaken Your Senses

It’s been said that color can affect your emotions. So why not determine to start the New Year lifting your mood with fresh interior paint? The time to re-decorate is right now and the color trends are spectacular.

2013’s Brilliant color combinations begin by sparking the imagination and lifting the spirits with rich, lush palettes of deep grays, forest greens, plums, and rustic reds. No one can combine colors more masterfully than Mother Nature and Pro designers know, when something of beauty catches your eye in nature, those same combos will work beautifully in your home.

Many designers are embracing the glorious hues of precious stones in 2013 – sapphire blue, amethyst purple, ruby red, smoky topaz and elegant silver & gold.  It’s almost impossible to go wrong mixing and matching, especially with Benjamin Moore’s “Vintage Moxie” palette. Citrine and amethyst make a lovely pair, as does pearl and pretty much any color imaginable! And oh the versatility! Take it to the retro side with funky furnishings or keep it charming with a mix of vintage and new world.

While many designers enjoy nature’s color combos, there are those designers who are setting their 2013 palette ablaze with more modern/retro combos that exude the high energy of electric limes, pinks and blues.

Texture and surprise is the name of the game in this New Year.  Against a backdrop of wild, bold colors, consider adding a touch of elegance or something unexpected, like this stunning pearly light fixture set in a popping pink room.

Fabrics like silk or suede in an electric lime room give the eye interesting layers to explore. Depending on the lighting in the room, wild colors can take on varying shades that add interest … and decorating options, too.

Going with bold and electric or bright and vivid hues may seem brave or maybe even risky.  But these glorious colors work amazingly well in all forms, contrasting, analogous(similar shades), and monochromatic. Pair them up with black, white or gray and they will pop and amaze.

The artisans of Cannon Painting are masters at the craft of color and know that color changes everything in your home. Let us make 2013 the best one yet by transforming your home’s interior with paint to match your individual tastes to perfection.

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