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Going Green – Emerald Green That Is

Give Yourself the Green Light to Give Emerald Green a Try

Pantone comes up with some doozies when choosing their color of the year. In 2011 it was Honeysuckle Pink, last year they gave us Tangerine Tango, and 2013 is the year of Emerald Green. These are beautiful, vivid colors, but not always easy colors to incorporate into your existing home décor. However, we do think painting with emerald green just may make your friends and neighbors green with envy.

Try this idea out for size. Pick a small room, a bathroom might be the perfect candidate, and have your painters paint it emerald green from top to bottom. You got it: walls and ceiling. It may seem counterintuitive, but instead of making the space feel closed in it can actually give the room a modern feel. Pair it with modern lighting, fixtures, and vanity and it could very well become your favorite room in the house.

5 bedroom interior designNext, consider the exact same idea yet on a larger scale. Choose a room similar to this bedroom with plenty of natural light, and the green is anything but overwhelming. In fact, it’s soothing and fresh paired with the beige rug, white curtains and linens. Your paint color specialist can help you determine which of your rooms is best suited to this type of paint treatment.

Cabins, cottages, lake houses and sunrooms are the perfect settings to consider painting a floor a smashing emerald green. A solid green would be awesome but so would a checkerboard or diamond pattern, even stripes.

In earlier blogs we’ve mentioned ways to infuse pops of color into your décor, and since emerald green is such an organic color it pairs with a lot of palettes. This gem-like color would look great painted on the back panel of a bookshelf, repaint your kitchen chairs, paint a lampshade, a trashcan, picture and mirror frames, stair risers, or if you’re the artsy type, get inspired and paint a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

612c0ca48cf3ab1b3533e8650ca23597Doors make a great canvas for color, both interior and exterior, so why not emerald green? Can you think of better way to greet your guests than with such a harmonious color that projects calm and tranquility?

The moral of the story is, trendy or not, emerald green is simply a radiant and lively color. Whether you choose to have the whole house re-done or just a few simple items painted, color changes everything.

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