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Determining Color Combinations. Look to What Inspires You!

Interior Painting: Let Inspiration Be Your Guide

Where in the vast color spectrum do you even begin to select a hue when it’s time to begin the interior painting of your precious home? After all, the walls you place that moss green or buttery yellow upon are the ones you will stare at day in and day out … and the choice you make is integral to your daily state of mind.

You may think that statement a bit far reaching, but it’s really not when you consider that color is all about emotion. Put two clashing colors together and you feel the tension and friction almost instantly. Yet if you put two colors together that complement one another you immediately feel at ease.

So where to begin? The first place you may want to start your color search is right at home. If you have a favorite patterned couch, chair or pillow you can choose a color from the upholstery that blends well with all of your décor. If your furniture is neutral then consider pulling a color from an accent piece such as a rug or even a favorite piece of artwork.

A great place to get color ideas is from home décor catalogs or stores. The rooms displayed have been decorated by pros that have studied color and are up on the latest trends. Bedding is often quite beautiful and may be just the inspiration you need when choosing your bedroom color scheme. Next time you look at a wall of towels think about where your eye travels and which colors cause you to linger more so than others. If you’re not afraid of vibrant hues, plant nurseries could very well stimulate your creative juices. The most important thing to remember is not to be afraid of color!

That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to paint every room an energetic color. Sometimes you may want that rug or favorite painting to be the focal point, so then it’s a matter of choosing the perfect neutral. Color combinations are everywhere, and when you open your eyes to them you’ll begin to see them in places you never dreamed.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, save yourself big headaches and potentially big bucks in the long run and purchase a) sample sizes of several shades your chosen color, or b) samples sizes of several different colors you envision for your room. If possible, paint at a 3’ x 3’ square on the wall and live with it for several days. View in it in all different lights. You’ll be shocked by how much a color will change throughout the day, so make sure you love it all 24 hours!

The bottom line is each home is as individual as the people who inhabit it. Allow that individuality to shine through with your interior paint colors. Have fun with it and the rewards will be uplifting!


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