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Colors to Create a Warm, Inviting Kitchen

Paint Colors to Whet Your Appetite

Quick, when you think of home what comes immediately to mind? Memories of family, most likely. And with those memories will typically come gatherings in the room that is the heartbeat of most any home ­– the kitchen. It’s where we eat, laugh, talk and love. So let’s make it the most livable room in the whole house with the best colors for gathering with our loved ones and doing what we love to do – eat!

No color better evokes a traditional family kitchen than yellow. With its warmth and energy, yellows can create an open, airy environment that implies, “Come in, sit down and have a bite to eat!” Yellow can be paired with virtually anything; white or wooden cabinets go great, your countertop choices are limitless as are your backsplash options. Lighting selections will set the tone toward modern, casual or old world charm, and accent colors abound with this interior paint color.

Should you prefer a color with a bit more pop, red might be your paint color of choice. While it contrasts beautifully with cream-colored cabinetry, it will also work magnificently with dark wood cabinets and flooring for a rich, European-inspired kitchen. If you love to cook and watch your flock and guests eat with hearty gusto, be sure to have plenty of food on hand. Some say it increases appetite subliminally!

These gray walls are perfect for this sleek, modern kitchen.

For the minimalist amongst us, certain gray paint colors paired with white and black are the perfect color scheme to create a sleek, modern kitchen. With stainless steel appliances, contemporary lighting and white or black countertops and backsplashes the look is pure 007. Don’t be afraid to add pops of color for flair and flash. A word of caution though, gray is a difficult color, so be sure to work with your Cannon Painting color specialist to find the perfect hue for your kitchen walls.

Many people will steer you away from blue in a kitchen by saying it’s not an uplifting color. But blue can be a beautiful, inviting color, and if it’s your favorite color to heck with the Debbie Downers! If you love the charm of old world decor, cobalt blue and white are the perfect pairing. To make blue appear warmer, designers will often pair blue with red and for a cooler effect, they may couple it with green.

These blue walls evoke the calm blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

As for green, this color gets a bad reputation as an appetite zapper when applied to kitchen walls. But Granny Smith green paired with black granite countertops and rich wooden cabinetry is truly yummy-licious. Green, with the right combination of materials is organic, bright and cheerful.

Your kitchen is where you gather to regale with family and friends. It’s the heartbeat of a home. Paint it the colors of your appetite and eat, drink and be merry!

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