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Five Ways To Perk Up A Room Using Colorful Trim | Cannon Painting

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Breathe New Life Into a Dull Room with Colorful Trim

Put the Exclamation Point On Your Room’s Décor with Colorful Trim

Who really gives that much thought to the wood trim in their home? It’s actually kind of bothersome. It has to be cleaned, sometimes patched up and on occasion, repainted. But don’t discount these harmless pieces of wood – the paint color you choose for your trim can put the final exclamation point on your room’s overall appearance.

The rule of thumb is to paint the trim work the same color, usually white or cream, throughout the house for a cohesive look. This allows homeowners to choose differing wall colors from room to room should they wish. However, some rules are meant to be broken on occasion and this is one. If you need to perk up a tired room, consider having your trim painted a different color.

Consult with your painter about the impact you’re hoping to achieve. Is it a wow factor you want or something subtle, or perhaps you’re just not sure. Here are several directions you can consider and discuss together.

curbly_suzanne-kaslerPull color from your existing décor. Choose the trim color from one that is present in your rooms décor, whether it’s a piece of furniture, a pillow, lamp, rug, artwork, whatever draws your eye and is a strong enough color to unify the room.

One color overall. The monochromatic look may be a bit overwhelming at first thought, and not every room is the perfect candidate. But this look can create a very cozy feel. Rooms with paneling in particular fair very well. Check with your paint consultant regarding finishes because this choice can be stunning when using a glossier finish for the trim.

A variation on the same color. Similar to monochromatic, you may decide it’s best to stick with the same color, but in this case, choose a light or dark shade for the wall and the opposite for the trim. This option ensures the colors won’t clash with your furnishings yet your room receives the pick-me-up you wanted.

black detailsBlack is the new white. Many designers are turning to black as a color for trim and the reasons are obvious. It rocks! It’s not for everyone but it may be just the ticket for what ails your needy room – so don’t count it out.

Don’t rule out stain. Some homes are just made for stained woodwork. Period style homes in particular were built with quality wood versus the cheaper wood trim in today’s homes. Victorian and Craftsman houses also often feature decorative woodwork that just gleams when stained or even just varnished. The right stain color can dramatically change a room from bland to warm and homey.

If it’s fear that’s holding you back from making a change, bring in a paint expert to help you make your color selections. Inject a little joie de vivre into to a lifeless room with colorful wood trim.

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