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February, 2013 | Cannon Painting

Cannon Painting

Bring the Colors of Spring Into Your Lake House

Interior painting for the perfect lake cottage setting

Whether you’re a native northerner or a transplant, eventually the winter weather takes its toll. Dirty gray snow and lack of color can wear on a person’s eyes and just because ‘Punxsutawney Phil’ predicts an early spring, what does a groundhog really know about weather patterns? To keep yourself plugging along until you can return to your beloved Lake Cottage, plan now for ways to infuse your getaway with the colors of spring.

benjamin-moore_lgWhat is it about lake living that you love? Sunlight streaming in through the windows and open doors is one of the great joys of lake living. If the soft yellow of the sun reflecting off of the water is a color you hope to duplicate on your walls, Benjamin Moore’s luscious lemon hue may strike the exact chord in your family room or kitchen.

Blues and greens reflect spring’s rebirth – not only that, they echo the water and surrounding outdoors and are simply inspired for lake homes. These friendly and relaxing colors work flawlessly with the shabby chic look and nautical themes favored in lake and beach getaways.

3cdb6cc76d48a9741f331078a4941e73Lake Cottages are often loaded with rustic charm like wooden beams, wood floors and stonework, so this is an occasion where your paint contractor may suggest white as your dominant color. But you can still infuse the flowering colors of spring with pops of color in your trim work, doors, cabinets, ceilings, and even floors. White creates a clean, bright canvas to show off your local treasures and cover the walls with photographs of your many happy memories on the lake.

Spring showers us with soft, hushed hues along with deep, vibrant shades. Don’t limit yourself to pastels when choosing your interior paint colors. As your paint consultant will advise you, darker, more intense colors will work with the same casual, breezy results that are just as soothing and inviting.

HBX0707_094-1-lgnPainted vertical planking on walls provides great texture. If your home has beautiful architectural ceiling features, carry that painted planking all the way up for a dramatic effect. As in any home, a painted ceiling, architectural feature or not, creates the illusion of height and space so consider a pale blue or lavender for your fifth wall.

The bare feet of spring may be the best place to find your next paint canvas. Painted floors are fun, they’re an easy way to brighten up a room, and better yet, they’re easy to maintain. A little soap and water is all it takes. If they get scuffed and scratched … big deal! Its like a vintage piece of furniture, it gives it character.

Shaking off the winter doldrums is never easy, but if you visualize what springtime colors can do for your Lake House getaway you may get through the days with a bit more pep in your step. Paint your vacation getaway the colors of a glorious spring day.



A lake carries you into recesses of feeling otherwise impenetrable.  ~William Wordsworth

Going Green – Emerald Green That Is

Give Yourself the Green Light to Give Emerald Green a Try

Pantone comes up with some doozies when choosing their color of the year. In 2011 it was Honeysuckle Pink, last year they gave us Tangerine Tango, and 2013 is the year of Emerald Green. These are beautiful, vivid colors, but not always easy colors to incorporate into your existing home décor. However, we do think painting with emerald green just may make your friends and neighbors green with envy.

Try this idea out for size. Pick a small room, a bathroom might be the perfect candidate, and have your painters paint it emerald green from top to bottom. You got it: walls and ceiling. It may seem counterintuitive, but instead of making the space feel closed in it can actually give the room a modern feel. Pair it with modern lighting, fixtures, and vanity and it could very well become your favorite room in the house.

5 bedroom interior designNext, consider the exact same idea yet on a larger scale. Choose a room similar to this bedroom with plenty of natural light, and the green is anything but overwhelming. In fact, it’s soothing and fresh paired with the beige rug, white curtains and linens. Your paint color specialist can help you determine which of your rooms is best suited to this type of paint treatment.

Cabins, cottages, lake houses and sunrooms are the perfect settings to consider painting a floor a smashing emerald green. A solid green would be awesome but so would a checkerboard or diamond pattern, even stripes.

In earlier blogs we’ve mentioned ways to infuse pops of color into your décor, and since emerald green is such an organic color it pairs with a lot of palettes. This gem-like color would look great painted on the back panel of a bookshelf, repaint your kitchen chairs, paint a lampshade, a trashcan, picture and mirror frames, stair risers, or if you’re the artsy type, get inspired and paint a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

612c0ca48cf3ab1b3533e8650ca23597Doors make a great canvas for color, both interior and exterior, so why not emerald green? Can you think of better way to greet your guests than with such a harmonious color that projects calm and tranquility?

The moral of the story is, trendy or not, emerald green is simply a radiant and lively color. Whether you choose to have the whole house re-done or just a few simple items painted, color changes everything.

Paint Colors That Sell

A Neutral Color Doesn’t Have to Mean Boring

When you put your house on the market you have to create a neutral canvas upon which a potential buyer can visualize their ‘stuff’. It’s a hard place to get especially if you’re still living in the house. So be prepared to refresh the walls with some neutral paint colors that greet homebuyers with the vibe that says, “I could live here!”

Try to remember back to your first home buying experience. I bet you immediately began to place your furniture in every room of the house. If that house was painted in neutral colors and depersonalized of the owner’s items it was infinitely easier to see yourself living there. Fresh paint leaves the impression the house is clean, well cared for and best of all, you don’t have to paint the minute you move in. In today’s economy and housing market these are big pluses.

A fresh coat of paint not only provides a neutral setting, it provides the opportunity to have unsightly cracks or holes in the walls repaired. Take this time to also have your painter refresh your trim. This is very important. Freshly painted walls are pointless if the trim work is dinged and dirty.

Don’t think dictionary definition of the word neutral and think you’ll be living in a dull, bland world. Neutral means something entirely different as far as paint colors are concerned. It encompasses yellows, grays, greens, browns and even blues, so you do have some beautiful color choices. Take a look at these “neutral” palettes from both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. Not too shabby!

BM Interior Palette

Benjamin Moore selected these neutrals as great colors for selling a home.

SW Int Palette

Sherwin Williams neutral color palette includes a variety of beautiful shades.

What these lovely paint colors will accomplish is to create light, the illusion of height in rooms with lower ceilings, and  help a small space appear larger – so the payoff is huge.




Don’t just stop with the inside walls, the exterior of your home is just as important. In fact, it may be more important merely because it’s the first thing a buyer sees. What realtors and designers alike call curb appeal begins with the appearance of your home’s siding, roof, gutters, etc. If you see mold a potential buyer sees mold. If the roof is old and gutters are rusty a potential buyer sees additional hassles down the road.

SW Ext Palette

BM Exterior Color Scheme

Neutral is again the key word when considering exterior paint colors. Here are some great examples you can discuss with your paint expert as possibilities for your home.


The outlook for existing home sales in the Grand Rapids area is looking up so don’t skip this vitally important step toward selling your home.  Take the time to freshen up your home inside and out with a neutral paint color and broaden your chances for a rewarding home selling experience.

Breathe New Life Into a Dull Room with Colorful Trim

Put the Exclamation Point On Your Room’s Décor with Colorful Trim

Who really gives that much thought to the wood trim in their home? It’s actually kind of bothersome. It has to be cleaned, sometimes patched up and on occasion, repainted. But don’t discount these harmless pieces of wood – the paint color you choose for your trim can put the final exclamation point on your room’s overall appearance.

The rule of thumb is to paint the trim work the same color, usually white or cream, throughout the house for a cohesive look. This allows homeowners to choose differing wall colors from room to room should they wish. However, some rules are meant to be broken on occasion and this is one. If you need to perk up a tired room, consider having your trim painted a different color.

Consult with your painter about the impact you’re hoping to achieve. Is it a wow factor you want or something subtle, or perhaps you’re just not sure. Here are several directions you can consider and discuss together.

curbly_suzanne-kaslerPull color from your existing décor. Choose the trim color from one that is present in your rooms décor, whether it’s a piece of furniture, a pillow, lamp, rug, artwork, whatever draws your eye and is a strong enough color to unify the room.

One color overall. The monochromatic look may be a bit overwhelming at first thought, and not every room is the perfect candidate. But this look can create a very cozy feel. Rooms with paneling in particular fair very well. Check with your paint consultant regarding finishes because this choice can be stunning when using a glossier finish for the trim.

A variation on the same color. Similar to monochromatic, you may decide it’s best to stick with the same color, but in this case, choose a light or dark shade for the wall and the opposite for the trim. This option ensures the colors won’t clash with your furnishings yet your room receives the pick-me-up you wanted.

black detailsBlack is the new white. Many designers are turning to black as a color for trim and the reasons are obvious. It rocks! It’s not for everyone but it may be just the ticket for what ails your needy room – so don’t count it out.

Don’t rule out stain. Some homes are just made for stained woodwork. Period style homes in particular were built with quality wood versus the cheaper wood trim in today’s homes. Victorian and Craftsman houses also often feature decorative woodwork that just gleams when stained or even just varnished. The right stain color can dramatically change a room from bland to warm and homey.

If it’s fear that’s holding you back from making a change, bring in a paint expert to help you make your color selections. Inject a little joie de vivre into to a lifeless room with colorful wood trim.