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January, 2013 | Cannon Painting

Cannon Painting

What Can You Do With These Hot New Hues?

emerald-green-pantone-color-2013-230x300Interior Paint Colors to Make Your Home Spectacular


Are you a trendsetter? Well if you love to follow color trends then Pantone has chosen its new 2013 color of the year – and just like the wonderful Land of Oz it’s emerald green on the scene. Not to be outdone, Benjamin Moore took a softer, more mellow option, lemon sorbet shall we say? And Sherwin Williams says aloe is the way to go.benjamin-moore_lg

Some designers see a transition to pastels on the horizon with Benjamin Moore’s luscious lemon hue. Paired with grays and metallic, the result is warm and serene yet never dull. This yummy color pairs so easily with trending palettes that the combinations are virtually endless.

aloe 112112Sherwin Williams introduces its funky, slightly retro aloe green that pairs perfectly with grays, blacks, whites and metallic. Think June Cleaver’s kitchen, just not in black and white. It’s an easy match for lots of fun, colorful patterns and textures.

There are many ways to incorporate these spectacular colors into your home’s interior décor! Are you a collector? What do you love and have on display? Vintage glass, china, buttons, lunch boxes, seashells, books, clocks … all of these items are colorful, whether vivid or muted and subtle. Draw from colors within a collection to paint the walls, upholster a chair or choose your accent pillows and rugs.

You may wish to start with a signature piece. Perhaps it’s a lampshade in that tangerine you adore. Work with that piece and choose your upholstery, wall color, pillows and other accessories to complement that element. Use a neutral wall paint color, and find a fabulous patterned material for your furniture with pops of tangerine, pale blue-green, browns and beiges, then finish it off with a sisal rug, artwork, flowers, throw pillows, and before you know it you have a cohesive, cozy room.

This gorgeous room has it all, color, texture and pattern!

This gorgeous room has it all, color, texture and pattern!

Brighten up a dull kitchen or simply update your current one by choosing a new “in” color for your cabinetry. When you consult with your painters, ask them if they think you should paint them all or just the upper level for a real visual splash of color.

Don't forget to look up and make good use of the 5th wall!

Don’t forget to look up and make good use of the 5th wall!

Two-toned walls are a fantastic method for introducing color into a room. The dining room is the one  most people conceive of when thinking two-toned because of chair rails and wainscoting. Oh! And let’s not forget our oft forgotten fifth wall!

Built-in shelves make fantastic canvases for a few coats of paint. Your interior paint specialists can turn your built-ins into the perfect accent for a stunning effect.

This years colors are fun, funky and flirtatious, and there’s one or more that is certain to create a sparkle in your eyes. Whether it’s emerald green, lemon sorbet, aloe or another heart thumping color that winds up painted somewhere in your home, 2013 is sure to have the perfect shade to color every home spectacular.

Wow Your Neighbors With a Front Door That Sizzles!

“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.” ~Flora Whittemore

Flora “Gramma” Whittemore was celebrated as Caribou County’s oldest citizen before she died at age 102 in 1993. Caribou County is a pretty small spec of land in Idaho, but Flora’s words carry a lifetime of wisdom that we can translate to many aspects of our life. Why not plant them right at our very front door.

Your home’s front door is the gateway into your life. Set the tone of your home by creating a sizzling front door with a paint color to wow your guests and neighbors and send a message about just what kind of person dwells within.

In the art of feng shui the front door is so important it’s considered the “mouth of chi”, meaning it’s the entry point for the vital energy that enters and exits your home. Color and direction play an enormous part in balancing and nourishing this chi. While you can’t exactly change the direction of your front door, you can change the color.

In feng shui, a red front door promotes good chi.

Neutral siding is a great backdrop for this sky blue color.

To kick it up a notch you have to make a few decisions. Do you want the door to contrast with the existing color scheme, complement it, or accent it? Stand back from your house and take a good long look. Examine the roof, shutters, siding, and even the foliage. The style of your home may provide more color leeway than others. Victorian, Craftsman and bungalows can often handle brighter hues, while traditional styles may call for more formal colors. No matter what, let your personality shine through – you’re only talking about a pop of color. You can easily change it if you don’t like it.

To help make the final decision, here’s a trade secret from designers and painters. Take a photo of your house, make a print, and cut out the front door. Get some paint swatches you’re considering and put them in the spot where the door is. You can instantly see if the color works or not.

Not everyone can pull off this bright pop of pink!

Great use of classic black with a touch of bright yellow.

As with the spectacular interior color palettes for 2013, paint companies have lined up some hopping exterior color combos as well. Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams websites are hotbeds for ideas. If you’re looking to paint the entire exterior and not just the front door, consult with your professional paint contractor for specific ideas that work for you and your home.


Paint color is not for everyone. Wood stain is an option and the palette is surprisingly wide ranging, so don’t shy away from making a change because you don’t want to paint.

Make your home exactly what you want it to be. A sizzling front door is whatever excites you day in and day out. You decide how you want to portray your home and the people who live inside it.

Gorgeous wood stain is the perfect choice for these awesome doors.


Colors to Create a Warm, Inviting Kitchen

Paint Colors to Whet Your Appetite

Quick, when you think of home what comes immediately to mind? Memories of family, most likely. And with those memories will typically come gatherings in the room that is the heartbeat of most any home ­– the kitchen. It’s where we eat, laugh, talk and love. So let’s make it the most livable room in the whole house with the best colors for gathering with our loved ones and doing what we love to do – eat!

No color better evokes a traditional family kitchen than yellow. With its warmth and energy, yellows can create an open, airy environment that implies, “Come in, sit down and have a bite to eat!” Yellow can be paired with virtually anything; white or wooden cabinets go great, your countertop choices are limitless as are your backsplash options. Lighting selections will set the tone toward modern, casual or old world charm, and accent colors abound with this interior paint color.

Should you prefer a color with a bit more pop, red might be your paint color of choice. While it contrasts beautifully with cream-colored cabinetry, it will also work magnificently with dark wood cabinets and flooring for a rich, European-inspired kitchen. If you love to cook and watch your flock and guests eat with hearty gusto, be sure to have plenty of food on hand. Some say it increases appetite subliminally!

These gray walls are perfect for this sleek, modern kitchen.

For the minimalist amongst us, certain gray paint colors paired with white and black are the perfect color scheme to create a sleek, modern kitchen. With stainless steel appliances, contemporary lighting and white or black countertops and backsplashes the look is pure 007. Don’t be afraid to add pops of color for flair and flash. A word of caution though, gray is a difficult color, so be sure to work with your Cannon Painting color specialist to find the perfect hue for your kitchen walls.

Many people will steer you away from blue in a kitchen by saying it’s not an uplifting color. But blue can be a beautiful, inviting color, and if it’s your favorite color to heck with the Debbie Downers! If you love the charm of old world decor, cobalt blue and white are the perfect pairing. To make blue appear warmer, designers will often pair blue with red and for a cooler effect, they may couple it with green.

These blue walls evoke the calm blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

As for green, this color gets a bad reputation as an appetite zapper when applied to kitchen walls. But Granny Smith green paired with black granite countertops and rich wooden cabinetry is truly yummy-licious. Green, with the right combination of materials is organic, bright and cheerful.

Your kitchen is where you gather to regale with family and friends. It’s the heartbeat of a home. Paint it the colors of your appetite and eat, drink and be merry!

Interior Paint Color Palettes for 2013

Interior Paint Colors That Awaken Your Senses

It’s been said that color can affect your emotions. So why not determine to start the New Year lifting your mood with fresh interior paint? The time to re-decorate is right now and the color trends are spectacular.

2013’s Brilliant color combinations begin by sparking the imagination and lifting the spirits with rich, lush palettes of deep grays, forest greens, plums, and rustic reds. No one can combine colors more masterfully than Mother Nature and Pro designers know, when something of beauty catches your eye in nature, those same combos will work beautifully in your home.

Many designers are embracing the glorious hues of precious stones in 2013 – sapphire blue, amethyst purple, ruby red, smoky topaz and elegant silver & gold.  It’s almost impossible to go wrong mixing and matching, especially with Benjamin Moore’s “Vintage Moxie” palette. Citrine and amethyst make a lovely pair, as does pearl and pretty much any color imaginable! And oh the versatility! Take it to the retro side with funky furnishings or keep it charming with a mix of vintage and new world.

While many designers enjoy nature’s color combos, there are those designers who are setting their 2013 palette ablaze with more modern/retro combos that exude the high energy of electric limes, pinks and blues.

Texture and surprise is the name of the game in this New Year.  Against a backdrop of wild, bold colors, consider adding a touch of elegance or something unexpected, like this stunning pearly light fixture set in a popping pink room.

Fabrics like silk or suede in an electric lime room give the eye interesting layers to explore. Depending on the lighting in the room, wild colors can take on varying shades that add interest … and decorating options, too.

Going with bold and electric or bright and vivid hues may seem brave or maybe even risky.  But these glorious colors work amazingly well in all forms, contrasting, analogous(similar shades), and monochromatic. Pair them up with black, white or gray and they will pop and amaze.

The artisans of Cannon Painting are masters at the craft of color and know that color changes everything in your home. Let us make 2013 the best one yet by transforming your home’s interior with paint to match your individual tastes to perfection.